Our Specialty

Residential Design

We are committed to provide quality artistry, exceptional product selection and customer satisfaction all at reasonable rates. We cater cohesive interior design needs (modern, classical, contemporary etc.) for housing industry up to assisting every client for product and design selections.

Commercial Design

We are well-versed on the latest developments on commercial establishments such as flooring materials, finishes, furniture and all design aspects. We understand the unique balance between function and aesthetics and are dedicated to addressing the commercial clients’ needs with that objective in mind.

Our Process

  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Present
  • Execute & Develop

Each project begins with a conversation about your design objectives.  This can be completed over the phone or in our design studio.  We will ask you questions about project location, parameters, budget, time frame, etc.  You can review our portfolio and ask us any questions you may have about our projects and the design process.

Lines Definition walks through the development process for various creative scenarios, from assessing the client and the scope of the job to free-associating and sketching your ideas.

Lines Definition professionally provides a design solution that meets client’s needs, showcases personal style, and works within the project budget. This includes detailed floor plans, elevations, sketches, recommendations for finishes, materials, furnishings, fabrics, lighting, and more.

We take care of every project from concept & agreement to completion or from the initial design consultancy meeting to the final handover. Our dedicated project consultants will regularly meet clients, ensuring they are kept fully involved and are provided with the progress updates being required.

Virtual Tours

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